Calendar Consultations include a written report of the best day(s) for your event: weddings, business openings, funerals, travel plans, naming ceremonies, big purchases, house-building, and other important dates. Choosing a favorable day lays the foundation for the fate of your event, and sets a positive trajectory for its livelihood. 

The Chinese almanac (tong shu) served emperors, priests, farmers, and physicians for millennia. This set of cyclical calculations enables people to fulfill their respective roles with elegant precision. In the Celtic sagas, queens consult Druids for the best hour to conceive a child, and warriors ask for the best day to embark on a raid. The Chinese almanac's range, specificity, and ancient origin offer a similar framework for artful participation. Not only does the almanac inform my medical treatments and daily activity, but it enables me to carry on the calendrical arts of my ancestors. 

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