Mantic Arts* is an ancient science that enables harmony with space (Yin) and time (Yang). My ancestors created megalithic monuments that exemplify excellent feng shui. These healing portals archive the interplay of land and sky, and function as highly accurate calendars. They inspire me as a medical practitioner to provide a high level of context that naturally recalibrates us toward health.

To achieve this, I orient people correctly in space and time. First, I consult the Chinese Almanac, or tong shu, which provides calculated directives, including "open" acupuncture points. These points harbor a great concentration of energy during certain times. I use open points to create powerfully concise treatments.

Each person is also born with an auspicious, or favorable, direction. I calculate this information, tell you how to use this information at home, and face the treatment table in best direction for each client. I also use a meridian clock, which shows where energy is currently concentrated in the body.  In complex cases, I may ask a person to come in at the time of day associated with his or her primary organ system imbalance. Treating people according to time is called Chronobiology, and is one of the greatest advantages of Traditional East Asian Medicine, as it targets and resolves health issues more quickly and completely.

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*Mantic Arts includes Polestar Astrology, Fengshui/Geomancy, and Divination.