A Return to Wholeness: The Transracial/Transgender Divide

Our ancestors express the miraculous scope of improbable unions that gave rise to us. When we deny those who have given us our eyes, our gifts, our bones, we insult everything that has enabled our existence. When we identify as transgender, agender, or gender-fluid, we still embody the same history. We're still the same little live wire at forefront of a particular and vast ancestral circuitry.

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Voices of Ancient Europe: Jack Roberts

In the first installment of Voices of Ancient Europe, Erin Langley interviews Jack Roberts on the ancient Sheela-na-gig stones of Ireland:

"I always knew that as a man, my work with the Sheelas is restricted to some extent, and I carried out the research in the hope that it would encourage women to bring them alive again. [...] As an antiquarian respecting the wisdom of the ancients, revealing the Sheela-na-gigs is my way of helping women discover the path back to true liberation, their former position in society and spirituality."

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