Ancestral Remembrance Class

Ancestral Remembrance with the Indigenous Mind Council

Next 9-week series coming in Fall of 2019:

To Register: Contact Erin Langley at ancestralacupuncture [at]

This work is designed to help people of all backgrounds reconnect with our indigenous minds, heritages, and traditions. Working as a group provides safety and context, and magnifies our momentum. This work is guided by the ancestors, and requires a stable mind, community, and support system.

Series includes introductory curriculum on indigenous dreaming arts, decolonization, subjective science, ethnoautobiography, reclaiming our regalia, calendrical arts, divination systems, folk arts, making offerings, relating with elders, recognizing cultural appropriation, native languages and storytelling, indigenous health and medicine, whole-minded activism, navigating ancestral shadows, conscious relationships with gods and nature spirits, defining home, preparing for an ancestral journey, receiving group acupuncture for ancestral remembrance, guest teachers, and more. 

Be a Portal between Worlds: Remember and work with your dreams to guide the process of ancestral remembrance and cultivate continuity between day and night. Keep clear boundaries with the other world to establish sanity, spiritual hygiene, and balance. Interact respectfully with sacred sites to be transformed by the stories they store. Learn a divination system from your lineage (reading runes, throwing bones, tossing coins or yarrow sticks, fire-gazing, augury, etc.) so you can have a direct line of communication with the spirit world.

Heal Yourself; Heal the Generations: Process ancestral trauma to heal yourself (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), your predecessors, and future generations. Live the inherited stories that empower you, and release those that bind you. Learn your native songs, dances, and cultural arts to share in the joyful expressions of your tribes. Address trauma and addiction through an ancestral framework. Develop relationships with the land you live on and feel connected to the natural rhythms of your geographical home by participating in appropriate seasonal behavior.

Take Root in Your Culture: Design your regalia (traditional attire) so you can walk in the strength and beauty of your ancestors. Make a traditional offering to restore our natural state of gratitude, and acknowledge reciprocity between worlds. Learn about the benefits and dangers of DNA tests like 23&Me. Study the story of human migration. Immerse yourself in your cultural lore and literature to establish a framework for your experiences.

Materials include weekly readings, homework assignments, compendium of electronic resources, genealogical references, and a private online forum for group check-ins between sessions. 

Anyone can benefit from Ancestral Remembrance, including Christians, adoptees, people with significant family trauma, and those who follow traditions outside of their genetic heritage. Understanding who we are more deeply in this body refines our capacity and impact on the world.

Contact me for accessibility needs.
Payment plans available upon request. Scholarships may be available depending on class size and need.